ESA Mars Express Snaps Dramatic Crater That Looks Like a Human Eyeball

The European Space Agency released a statement on Wednesday titled 'Mars sleeps with one eye open'. 

This made it look like, perhaps the agency was talking about some science fiction.

Along with the statement, the agency had also released a picture. 

In this picture there is a crater surrounded by curved channels. 

According to the ESA, its shape resembles a human eyeball. 

The space agency's Mars Express spacecraft photographed a crater-filled region called Neonia Terra in late April. 

ESA has said that the channel in this picture was a possible conduit for liquid water about 3.5 billion years ago.

We can learn a lot from a picture like this. The variety and size of colors are a geologic clue. 'A light dune area inside the pit rests on a lighter surface. 

On closer inspection, it becomes clear that the crater is filled with more ridges and cone-shaped hills. 

This structure is evidence that different materials are deposited inside the crater' ESA said.

Apart from this, the agency also shared a colour-coded topographical image. 

Blues and purples represent the lower regions while the higher regions are red and white. 

The crater, which is mostly blue, is about 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) wide. Mars Express has been on Mars since 2003. 

It studies the atmosphere, geology and environment of Mars. 

It Keeps Up Our Excitement By Sending Weird And Stunning Landscape Images Of Mars.