Scientists Think They Have Finally Worked Out When the Sun Will Die and Kill us All

Of course, we don't really need to worry, as our burning star is still considered very young, so everything is fine for us.

But billions of years from now when we're long forgotten, mankind had better find a new planet to call home.

Experts believe that the Sun has about five billion years left of its life, BGR reports.

By that point, they predict that the hydrogen core that keeps it going will have reached its end.

This would pose a serious threat to Earth and every other planet in our solar system that relies on the giant fireball.

When this happens, the Sun will basically be like a red planet and unable to generate any heat.

Mercury and Venus will be the first to meet their dire end, being swallowed up after the Sun's outer layers become unstable and expand. Meanwhile, Earth will be battered by the vicious solar wind.

It's fair to say, it's not a pretty picture, but actually it may not be all that relevant to humanity by then anyway.

Space nerds have already predicted that we'll have other problems on our planet a billion years from now - long before the Sun dies.

In that state our oceans would be vaporized by the Sun's energy, and its luminosity would increase by 10 percent.

And also the threat of climate change should not be forgotten.

So while everyone alive right now is safe and will be for many years to come, we need to think about setting up shop on another planet for distant generations before it's too late.

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